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Most companies throw money overboard on IT Project Management.

Small companies and nonprofits often fill project management gaps with inexperienced staff. This ends up costing time and money. Star of the Sea will guide you with extensive experience, coaching, and process improvement services at rates that won’t break the bank.

Our hands-on expertise is wide and deep.

Why Us?

You deserve to be more productive when you’re doing good work.

And you deserve the support of a community where Christian values guide every endeavor.

In our work, we embody the spirit of true charity and strive for the greater glory of God. Together we’re dedicated to building a community rooted in the teachings of Christ.

Our aim is to hold fast to bonds forged in genuine Christian values, where our actions reflect our faith in every aspect of our lives.

Star of the Sea Consulting has the skills necessary to streamline your workflow, and the values to back them up. We will get you focused on your mission and vision.

Here, you’re not just another client. You’re a member of a larger community on a journey towards achieving greatness, together.

Our Approach

Managing projects outside your wheelhouse can feel like navigating a storm.

Not everybody has the skills or training to put in place a new product strategy. Not everyone can lead a digital transformation or overhaul your tech stack. Stop trying to use existing resources. We have the skills you need to execute these projects.

Reduce Your Burden and Gain Real Traction

We will help you find your path with clarity and confidence.

We specialize in guiding small to medium-sized companies and nonprofits through troubled waters. We clear a path for a voyage that's both efficient and productive.

Start Meeting Deadlines and Making Real Progress

Deliberate decisions, focused teams, and crystal-clear communications aren't mere dreams. They're your new reality.

Our Services

Strategic Operations

Plan accurately, execute predictably.

Navigate With Precision

Make well-informed decisions with our expertise.

Empower Your Crew

Focus on strengths, we'll handle the rest.

Create Systems that Scale

Structure, standardization, and clear expectations.

Discover Real Efficiency

Prevent delays, maintain clarity, achieve your vision.

Our Expertise

From small ventures to enterprise-level overhauls, our seasoned veterans are adept in various methodologies and technologies.

Whether it’s Agile or Waterfall, cloud computing or cybersecurity, infrastructure to software development, consider us your guide to project success.




“Working with Daniel has been an absolute pleasure and I am truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with someone so exceptionally organized, articulate, and kind.

Daniel’s ability to streamline processes, manage tasks, and keep projects on track has significantly contributed to our team’s success. No matter the complexity of the project, Daniel consistently demonstrated a keen eye for detail and a commitment to ensuring everything runs seamlessly.

Beyond his organizational prowess, Daniel’s articulate communication style has been a key asset to our team. Whether in team meetings, presentations, or written communication, Daniel consistently expresses his ideas with clarity and precision. His ability to convey complex information in an understandable manner has greatly enhanced our team’s effectiveness.

What truly sets Daniel apart is his kindness and collaborative spirit. His positive attitude and willingness to support his colleagues make him not only a valuable team member but also a pleasure to work alongside.”

Heather Glenn

Director of Sales & Marketing, Ave Maria Press


“The Star of the Sea team is exactly the team you need for fractional/ad hoc project management and product owner expertise. We established a new relationship with Star of the Sea on some higher risk multi-month projects, and have only good outcomes from the engagement. The Star of the Sea team excels at their work and their partnership vision, and we’re eager to grow the partnership and continue the fractional PMO approach.”

Tyler Ament

Owner/Solutions Architect, Immaculata Studios

Our Pricing

We offer a flexible pricing model, with hourly, sprint-based, or monthly retainer options.

Our pricing for services is reasonable and flexible. Above all, we strive to provide our clients with great satisfaction and value for their investment.

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